Why Hiring Staff Will Always Need People

We’re always looking for innovative recruitment methods; from new ways of attracting candidates to different interview techniques. Our general rule is: it’s worth trying anything once. That said, as the recruitment industry develops new technology (from cloud based recruitment software to video interviewing), one prevailing thought has stuck throughout – however advanced recruitment technology gets, we’ll always need real people on the recruitment stage.

Think about the future for a minute. A world where there will likely be an increase in jobs revolving around technology. Intuitive recruitment technology may exist that can assess a person’s skills based on CV data and keyword algorithms; perhaps even tenure could be calculated with an employment-record related application. A new age of ‘why use people when computer software can do it?’ could emerge.

Now think about the last time you recruited the right person. Let’s assume you screened for technical skills and length of service already. You invited them in in person and, from the shake of their hand to how they interacted with you and your colleagues, what you saw helped you decide this was the right person for you. Look at any comprehensive interview advice online and not only will you be advised to prepare quality verbal answers but also to think about the importance of body language. Where recruitment is concerned the 7% rule* will always apply.

How could an algorithm replace a hirer’s ability to assess cultural suitability? That feeling, that, once the appropriate screening on skills and technical suitability has taken place, technology could never duplicate. In our opinion recruiters are in place to identify cultural fit on behalf of the business they work for i.e. to understand how the behaviours displayed match the company’s core values and ethics.

Sometimes, where interviewing and hiring is concerned, the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” could never be more true. However advanced recruitment technology gets, we’ll always need the human touch.

*93 percent of communication is non-verbal – 55% body language, 38% tone of voice.

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