Recruitment Workshop? Tell Me More…

We all know the scene; you start work on Monday and there’s a million things to do. Customers to satisfy, admin to administer, staff to manage, projects to complete, emails to reply to, financials to pore over, social media memes to chuckle at… then, someone hands in their notice. Great. Now you’ve got to throw recruitment into the mix too.

The problem is you hate recruitment agencies. Hate is a strong word, but, ‘passionately dislike’ doesn’t cover it. You’ve got to hear words like ‘passive’ and ‘candidate-led market’ before you get sent four CVs; two of which are not even close, one is ok, and one you saw a year ago and you didn’t think much of them. If only you had some hints and tips on how you could find the talent you’re looking for online yourself. Gratis would be even better.

Well, quicker than you can say “sales pitch” we at Magic Torch have the perfect solution. Our one day recruitment workshop will show you:

  • How to write job adverts that appear in multiple online searches
  • When and where to post jobs
  • How to find talent online – for FREE!
  • How to support your ‘gut feeling’
  • How to hone your interview techniques

So if recruitment is a hot potato you’ve been juggling (you want to tuck in but you’re just waiting for it to cool down) – we’ll give you practical, professional advice with ‘how to’ guides to take away.

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