Google For Jobs: Get Prepared Or Get Left Behind

James was recently invited to present at an event in Salisbury held by digital agency, Giant Peach…

“Equipped with his extensive industry knowledge, James came to drop some Google for Jobs truth bombs: the juggernaut’s job search engine is coming to the UK – soon – and if its launch Stateside is anything to go by, businesses better get prepared or risk losing up to 50% web traffic.

What is Google for Jobs?

A new product from Google – already launched in the US – with a focus on the jobseeker. Vacancies will be indexed both from partner jobs boards and direct employers and candidates will be able to apply directly via Google for Jobs. If your vacant role is correctly indexed it will be seen.

Does the world need it?

If you’ve done a job search recently, you’ll know that the answer is yes. The current set-up too often proliferates a wild click chase from jobs board to irrelevant listing and back again, ill-equipped to deal with the nuances around different titles for similar roles. Google for Jobs will return jobs based on highly personalised searches, eliminating duplicate listings and utilising machine learning and AI to sniff out related and more relevant positions each time it’s used.

How to prepare

James sagely says that Google doesn’t care about businesses, it cares about job seekers. But don’t lose heart! Make some small sacrifices to the Google gods and ye shall be rewarded. You have two options:

  1. List with a Google-partnered third party, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor. It’s worth noting that Indeed have chosen not to partner with Google for Jobs.
  2. Optimise your own job postings on the same domain as your website. Edit the HTML to integrate with Google, ensure your site is mobile friendly, keep the content updated and use the right keywords and job titles. If you use video on your careers page, all the better.”

Blog courtesy of Giant Peach. Read the full blog here:

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