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After 8 years in recruitment, I’d worked in every version the industry had to offer – from high street recruitment, to running in-house teams, to selling recruitment services for an international company. Following setting up in-house recruitment teams for businesses with similar recruitment challenges, it sparked an idea! I knew I could help others do the same! That was the birth of Magic Torch.

At Magic Torch we want to help businesses get access to frank and savvy recruitment support and advice. The type that’s usually only possible through a recruitment agency or an in-house recruitment team. We start with a free one hour consultation. We discuss how Magic Torch can support your business – then, we give you the tools to find the people you’re looking for, before you need to use a recruitment agency. You’ll be given practical, professional advice to deliver your talent acquisition goals.

A little bit more about me…

I live in Salisbury with my wife Caroline. I’m a keen CrossFitter at Stonehenge Crossfit in Harnham (essentially working out really hard for ‘fun’) and I sing, play guitar and write music for my original rock band – Ban The Club www.facebook.com/BanTheClub. So… *shameless plug alert*… if you don’t want any recruitment advice, why not come to a gig?!
Lastly, if you do want to find out more about my professional background then please check out my LinkedIn profile www.linkedin.com/in/jamesnewtonuk

James Newton, Founder & Torchbearer